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Adding Google Adsense to your site

Google AdSense allows publishers to earn revenue by displaying ads

STEP 1. Sign up to Google AdSense


First of all, you will need a Google AdSense account. Go and click on the SIGN UP NOW button (1),

The process will be faster if you already own a Google Account.


If you already have a Google Account, clic on the first button (1). If you need to create one, click on the second button (2).

STEP 2. Submit your website information


1. Enter your domain name (i.e.
2. Select the primary language of your website
3. Tick the Program Polices box
4. Click on Continue

STEP 3. Submit your AdSense application


Fill the form with your personal details. Be careful as these details will be used to set up your account and send your payments. Click on Submit my application (1) when you are done.

STEP 4. Wait for a reply


Google Adsense will now review your application and send you an email with their response. This process could take them up to one week. The next step in this tutorial needs to be taken after receiving a reply to your application.

They can deny your application if:

  • Your site has not been published
  • Site content is not original or will not convert well for advertisers
  • Site is not yet developed
  • Site is down when Google attempted to review your application
  • The domain name contains trademarks
  • Information provided on the application is incorrect
  • You were banned or blacklisted before

STEP 5. Create your first ad


Once they've sent you a possitive response you will need to Sign in to your Google AdSense account.

Click on the My ads (1) button


Click on the New ad unit (1) button


1. Name your new ad (use a descriptive name like 'Homepage ad' or 'Footer ad')
2. Select the size of your new ad
3. Select the type of ad you want. It could be just text, text and images or just images.
4. The backup ads lets you choose what you'd prefer to show when Google has no targeted ads available.
5. Select a style for your new ad
6. Click on the Save and get code button

STEP 6. Copy the code


Copy the code to your clipboard by clicking Cmd + C (Mac) or Ctrl + C (Windows)

STEP 7. Drag an embed widget to your page


Login to your account.

Click on your WIDGETS (1) tab and drag an Embed Widget (2) to your page

STEP 8. Edit your Embed Widget


Double click on the widget or click on the settings icon.


Remove the previous code and paste the code from Google AdSense in the white space (1). To paste the code click Cmd + V (Mac) or Ctrl + V (Windows).

Click on the Save Changes (2) button when you finish.



You can see here how the ad will look in your website when you finish. Publish your site to see the changes go Live.

Google can give you access to Google AdSense without fully approving your request, so perhaps you won't be able to see your ad immediately. If this is the case, you will need to wait at least 48 hours before being able to see this working.

NOTE: Never click on your own ads. Google might revoke your account if they see you are clicking on your own ads.

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