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Mapping my custom domain to my site

This lesson shows how to use an external domain with your site. If you do not have a domain you can purchase a domain from us

Only paid-for accounts can be maped to an external domain.

Log into your editor


To map a domain name with your site, click on the Manage button at the top of your editor.

If you purchased your domain name from us:


If you purchased your domain name from us:

  1. Select Domain mapping from the menu
  2. Click on the Map a domain button


From the Purchased (1) domains select the domain you want to map to your site (2) and click on Map a domain (3)

If you purchased your domain name somewhere else:


STEP 1. Create a CNAME record

If you purchased a domain from any of these companies, click the link for detailed instructions.


If you purchased your domain from somewhere else, follow these instructions:

1. Login into the DNS control panel where you purchased your domain
2. Delete any existing A records
3. If you have a CNAME record for WWW, delete it. You must have only one CNAME record for your domain
4. Create a new CNAME record for your domain name with www. Set the alias to www and point it to
5. Create a web forwarding from your domain without www to your domain with www

STEP 2. Link the domain to your site

1. Click on the From elsewhere tab
2. Enter your domain name
3. Click on the Test mapping button (Be patient! It may take up to 2 hours for DNS changes to update)
4. If the test is OK, click the Map Domain button

Note: It may take several hours for changes to DNS settings to become active. Please wait at least 2 hours before making further changes.

What to do after mapping your domain to your site


In order to help your SEO, you will need to set your preferred domain.

1. Click on Site status
2. Select your domain name in the drop down menu
3. Click on the Updade site button

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