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Setting up Google Apps to work with an external domain name

How to set up Google Apps to work with your site using an external domain.

Before you start

These instructions are only for customers with a domain registered outside from us.

You will need:
1: A paid-for account
2: An external domain setup to work with us
3: Administrative access to your DNS control panel

Note: This method of setting up email is not compatible with non-domain ('wildcard') CNAMEs. You can use this solution with domain like you can not use this solution for

Sign up for Google Apps Standard Edition

Google Apps Standard Edition is free and is adequate for most small businesses with up to 50 people

Sign up at:

Set your domain


Select Administrator (1) enter your domain name (2) and click Get Started (3)

Set up the account admin


Complete the account administration fields (1) and check the DNS tick box (2)

Verify Ownership


Choose Add a meta tag

Select and copy the meta tag code


Login to your account


Rollover the Home page to see the Page options icon and click on it. The drop down menu will show. Select Page Scripts (1)


Paste the code into the Site-wide scripts field (1) and click Save Options (2)

Publish your site




Click the Verify button

Go to the Google apps Dashboard


Click Activate Email


Select your hosting company


If you hosting company is not available from the menu, select 'Any Hosting Company'

In a new browser window, login in to your DNS control panel


In this example we are using the 123reg control panel.

If you have more than one domain registered, make sure you select the right one (1).

Open the DNS settings panel


Delete all existing MX records settings


Return to the Google Apps window and copy the first MX server address


Paste the MX record in to the DNS panel


Repeat this process for the other MX records


Save your DNS changes


Return to you Google account window


Click I have completed these steps button (1)

Return to the Google Apps dashboard


It may take sometime for your email to finish updating. In some cases this may be less than 30 seconds but it can take several hours. You must wait for this to complete before continuing. When complete, click the Email link.

Click change URL



Copy the CNAME destination


In your DNS control panel, Add a new entry


Set the new entry as shown in (1)

Update your DNS records


Return to Google docs


Click the 'I've completed these steps' button.

You're done

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